AOS stands for Aesthetic Of Sustainability. This is a project about exploring new aesthetic on existing sustainable material with high potentials.

Footwear is one of the industry which is causing heavy pollution, and one of the main reason is the process of producing outsole. The granulates material was made of used sneaker outsole, shredded into granulated shape. It mainly contains different types of rubber and TPU. Since it originally serves athletics in different environments, the main features of the materials are Slip-resistant, Shock absorption, Flexible

This project developed in 2 phases. The outcome of Phase1 is a collection of climbing holds for indoor climbing. The holds use Pu glue as the binder, and they can be mould in specific shapes. The material creates rock-look surface by using different granulate sizes. The texture provides the user with a unique experience while doing indoor climbing. The project won the Nike Circular Innovative Challenge 2018